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Tag: practice

Reboot day 11: yoga for relaxation

After all the activity that took place yesterday I decided that today should be somewhat gentler… To achieve a gentler but still effective days activity I decided to combine two […]

Day 320: testing the shoes…

did I tell you about my potential new dancing shoes? yes, I did…I went for a walk in them last friday… Well today was the day I tried them out […]

Day 152: dancing myself dizzy

ok…that is not strictly speaking true, I was dizzy in the day so the fact that I was dizzy while dancing was not a massive surprise. Because if this, and […]

Day 96: Dancing my way to feeling better

Good morning 🙂 what could be better for increasing energy levels and helping recovery than dancing about waving sticks! Nothing…that’s what!! It was of course Wednesday yesterday, and that means […]