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Tag: progress

Day 49: Supplementary walking

Good morning 🙂 I am catching up with my write-ups form over the weekend, this is a supplement to the one I already wrote on Friday, I decided that there […]

Day 46: Can I kick it?

Yes I can 🙂 sorry about the cheesy  90s music reference, I just couldn’t resist it! For those of you that are not aware of the music to which I […]

Day 45: New found burpee ability

Good evening 🙂 As this is the fourth post I have written today, I will keep it short for now. As you might have guessed by now, Monday night is […]

Day 35: Early morning PT wake up

Good evening 🙂 due to a combination of yesterdays lack of motivation, and Tuesday’s postponement of my pt session, I decided to have a pt session early this morning to […]

Day 17: Hardest circuits to date

Good evening 🙂 The title “hardest circuits to date” may sound melodramatic, of at least an exaggeration but it really really isn’t. I think I worked harder today in a […]