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Tag: Project Warrior Goddess

October Restart…

Apparently it is October… It is 3 months 1 week since I broke my ankle in the pursuit of morris dancing perfection so I thought it was high time I […]

PWG Day 3 – 6: return of the deadlift!

Day 3 was Thursday, and on Thursday I deadlifted šŸ˜€ Ok…I deadlifted off a slightly raised platform, and only 70kg but still šŸ˜€ it made me extremely happy! Even happier […]

Broken Warrior Goddess Update…

Hello lovely people šŸ™‚ Well…I am still broken, but things are looking up šŸ˜€ I had an appointment at the fracture clinic yesterday and they poked and prodded my ankle […]

PWG Day 15: The system works

If anyone was doubting the effectiveness of either Insanity, or my exercise every day policy, I will present to you the Insanity fit test results 2 weeks in! The fit […]