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Tag: rest day

Project 44: Day 15 core…a rest day…

Not a total rest…obviously! I still went to the gym, otherwise project 44 would fail, and we can’t have that! However as my Monday, which was going to be lighter, […]

Project 44: day 6 – rest day…

A rest day in which I went to the gym and did things… Not very heavy or hard things…but in the spirit of Project 44 and building new habits I […]

Janathon day 21

Remember I said I was challenging myself to become an insanity instructor? Well that workshop is tomorrow… And in aid of not dying while I am doing it, I decided […]

Enforced Rest

I have had a cough, one of those horrible, non stop, lung regurgitating type of coughs that stop you doing anything and make breathing hurt. I also came with a […]

Year 2 Week 8: Workout mash up

I am not sure I can in all good conscience use the phrase mash up without seeming like someone trying to be cooler than they really are…but I am giving […]