Day 281: Running with lead legs is hard!

Friday evening after work heralded Week 4 Day 3 of the 10k training. It was 1 x 5 min run interval, followed by 3 x 10 min runs separated by 1 min walks… The first 5 min interval was ok…I am used to those now, the first 10 min seemed like t was going to…… Continue reading Day 281: Running with lead legs is hard!

Day 263: The ups and downs of running…

Tuesday heralded Week 3 day 1 of my 10k trainer and as I was still stuck in a world of studying, I decided to get it out of the way at lunchtime…It was a narrow squeak as it was a 40 min run and I only have a 45 min lunch…but it worked 😀 This…… Continue reading Day 263: The ups and downs of running…

Day 253: Everything is Awesome!

It was Saturday, it was sunny, and there were six….. Kilometers 🙂 6.1 actually 😀 the longest distance i have covered on a run for 4 years! 😀 It was not as interesting a run as Fridays when viewed on a map… I went along the downs link path, which is a disused railway not…… Continue reading Day 253: Everything is Awesome!

Day 252: Bra shaped running

By Friday I finally felt like a human person again! I decided to celebrate this by running 🙂 After work, I took myself off to the park and as I finish slightly earlier on Fridays, it was still light, at least at the beginning of the run, which made a slightly disconcerting change. Yes I…… Continue reading Day 252: Bra shaped running