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Tag: running

Janathon 2020: Days 23 – 28

Yes I know…this is supposed to be every day…well… it isn’t but I am still doing the things! Lots and lots of things… Sleeping is still one of them! I […]

Janathon 2020 – Day 5

I did running! Not a New Years resolution just that thing I do every couple of months when I realise I am better if I do a bit of cardio […]

Drug running…

Or possibly drugged running… Ok…its not as bad as it sounds I promise! I have been running, and I have been on drugs… ok…antibiotics, nothing illegal or terrifying I promise! […]

Basically, Run!

I feel sure I have used that title before. I have definitely used that GIF before and I am pretty sure I will use it again! Well…it’s a good GIF […]