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Tag: something every day

Project 44: day 6 – rest day…

A rest day in which I went to the gym and did things… Not very heavy or hard things…but in the spirit of Project 44 and building new habits I […]

Every day for 40 days…

No, I am not giving something up for lent… I am taking something up for lent!! Well increasing something anyway… I have decided I am going to go to they […]

Janathon 2020 – Day 9

Eeeek late posting about yesterdays exercise… In my defence I was extremely tired and decided I would go to sleep. This is actually a good thing for me. I need […]

September kettlebell fun…

I decided that I want to do more kettlebells. I used to do kettlebells all the time, then for some reason my use of them waned and now my lovely […]