Motivation by the truck load…

It may be obvious by the general lack of updates, that the mop of demotivation has reared its dank and musty head once more I have still been training, but it has been a little more sporadic than I would like, which means that, although I am making progress, it is slower than I want…… Continue reading Motivation by the truck load…

I found some strongperson friends!

I’m so happy ’cause today I found my friends… They are not in my head! Ok I met some more strong person friends, Ok, some of the same ones and some new ones… What I am trying to say is that a coach near me has started running a strongman workshop on a Sunday…… Continue reading I found some strongperson friends!

Well… I was after a challenge!

Not so long ago (last week actually) I told you that I had entered another Novice Strongwoman competition (read all about it). I was happy about this, along with a little apprehensive, mainly because I have to figure out an axle clean, and don’t get me wrong I am still happy (and apprehensive) about this,…… Continue reading Well… I was after a challenge!

Reminding myself I love deadlifts!

You know me, I deadlift above everything, it is a recurring theme of my training. Or at least it is until recently… Recently, for no real reason I have been putting them off, and because I was putting them off I worried that I would be back in that “almost at 100kg but not quite”…… Continue reading Reminding myself I love deadlifts!

Project Competition Ready – Day 33

Remember the rules: Well we are at the “expect the plan to go off the rails” stage, but I am not yet ready to throw away the plan! The plan is not completely off the rails but it does have a bit of a wobbly wheel… It is not so far off that I can’t…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready – Day 33

Project Competition Ready: day 8&9

Saturday, day 8, was double gym day 😁 I booked an open session at Matts gym, followed by a small group PT session. The idea was I’d do things that are awkward in the shed gym in my open session followed by whatever is in the group PT which is usually higher reps and more…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready: day 8&9

Project Competition Ready day 3

Some days I work from home, some days I work from that London. This is relevant I promise! On the days I work from home I get more sleep, and have more time in general for exercise so I fully intend to take advantage of that! I started taking advantage of that yesterday by taking…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready day 3

West Sussex Strongest – I did it!!

The long awaited strong person competition finally arrived, and despite knowing I wasn’t as ready as I would have liked, and a huge amount of nerves and anxiety before hand… I went there (both days) and I did it! I LOVED IT!! Don’t get me wrong there was a teeny bit of me that was…… Continue reading West Sussex Strongest – I did it!!

Juneathon day 2… onwards with the plan!!

6am! Yes that’s not a typo…6am! I was at the gym for PT at 6am his morning! When I got there I did my absolute best to understand words and stay awake! Also, somehow I trained shoulders! 😀 I am not sure whether 6am PT sessions will be come a regular thing… but I didn’t…… Continue reading Juneathon day 2… onwards with the plan!!

Who do I want to be next?

New job New adventures New start New opportunities Who do I want to be when I face all these new and exiting things? I know, fundamentally, deep down I can’t change who I am, and I don’t really want to, but it is a good opportunity to build new habits or change routines… Today is…… Continue reading Who do I want to be next?