53 tonnes!

One month ago I pulled a massive, 53 tonne truck!! I have been meaning to tell you about it since then because it is one of the best things I have ever done and I am super proud of myself! This post is not about false modesty and any of that stuff, this post is…… Continue reading 53 tonnes!


You must have heard the quote… Comparison it the thief of joyTheodore Roosevelt It is used (rightly) to stop people from constantly comparing themselves to others, especially others that they see on social media and through other highly curated lenses that only show life highlights! I firmly believe that comparing yourself to other people (unless…… Continue reading Comparison…

The best laid plans of mice and men..

So, on Sunday I was supposed to be competing in my second ever strongwoman competition. I was prepared, I had worked hard to master the dreaded axle presses that had been plaguing me and I was undoubtedly better prepared than before my last one. What is more I had more or less banished the obligatory…… Continue reading The best laid plans of mice and men..

Project competition ready just got more important…

I started this project with the intention of getting fitter and stronger and feeling ready to compete again. I have been making progress and all that, but the general goal had no end date. Until now that is… Well, maybe not an end date as such but certainly a significant interim milestone… OK, what I…… Continue reading Project competition ready just got more important…

Project Competition Ready / Janathon Update…

Once upon a time there was a person who wanted to be fit enough to dance in a mask, so they set themselves up with a blog and a challenge. This person was all about cardio fitness and quite a bit about shrinking themselves, and consequently a do loads of stuff every day set of…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready / Janathon Update…

Project Competition Ready: Day14 &15

It’s the weekend, and you know what that means… It means lifting up heavy things in the shed gym and putting it down again 😀 Well, actually it doesn’t always mean that, but this weekend that is what it meant! Saturday was bench press day, for no reason other than I hadn’t done bench presses…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready: Day14 &15

Project Competition Ready: Day 13 &14

Day 13, Thursday, was the day that I was abruptly reintroduced to battle ropes after not touching them for quite a few years! Well. I might have touched one, but not to do battle ropey things… But at 0745 on Thursday Matt, during my PT session decided to take me at my word when I…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready: Day 13 &14

Project Competition Ready: Day 12

Yesterday was a weird day. I felt like I was wading through treacle and just wanted to hibernate yesterday. Actually come to think of it I didn’t feel like I was literally wading through treacle, that would be horribly sticky! I did feel sluggish and all forward progress was like pushing against something though. In…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready: Day 12

Project competition ready: Day 5

Yesterday was Wednesday, and following in the grand tradition of Wednesdays that may have only existed in my head, I declared it cardio Wednesday. Ok cardio plus some yoga Wednesday. Well actually if you want to be strictly speaking, accurate about it, cardio, plus yoga and a walk Wednesday… I finally, for the first time…… Continue reading Project competition ready: Day 5

Project Competition Ready day 3

Some days I work from home, some days I work from that London. This is relevant I promise! On the days I work from home I get more sleep, and have more time in general for exercise so I fully intend to take advantage of that! I started taking advantage of that yesterday by taking…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready day 3