Project Energise: Day 6 a sandbag

I have a new toy to aid with my strongwoman training. it is a sandbag… with sand in It is a Mirafit 50 – 75kg sandbag which is the smallest one they do… It only has 40kg of sand in it, which makes it too floppy to handle easily. The plan was to use this…… Continue reading Project Energise: Day 6 a sandbag

I pulled a truck!

It was a practice truck, but it was still a 7.5 tonne truck! It was this truck in fact: Yes I was attempting to look strong in the face of a giant truck, I may or may not have succeeded, there is a possibility that at that point I just look small! Well small compared…… Continue reading I pulled a truck!

100kg for reps…

Do you remember the time I knew a girl from mars? I don’t know if you knew that… No hang on not that, that’s just my brain filling in the start of a sentence with song lyrics. It does that, I can’t stop it. Do you remember the times I got a 100kg deadlift PB,…… Continue reading 100kg for reps…

What is the plural of Stoltman?

Stoltmen? Stoltpeople? Stoltmans… I think it is probably Stoltmans, but that just sounds wrong. I might just cut my losses and refer to them as Tom and Luke Stoltman, just to be on the safe side… You may be wondering why this blog post seems somewhat more rambling than normal. Well, it is just one…… Continue reading What is the plural of Stoltman?

Strongwoman progress – consistency is key

I have heard that consistency is key…it is one of those phrases that people say and don’t really think about. At least I didn’t think about it, not until I started really training consistently! I should have guessed really, there are even gym quotes about it, but the problem with those as I lump them…… Continue reading Strongwoman progress – consistency is key

Project 44: Day 8 T-shirts never lie!

Well most of the time they don’t… Well, ok, sometimes they do, but today mine didn’t! Leg day is what my shirt said so leg day is what it was! I made it to the gym 10 minutes earlier than I have been getting there, this is definitely progress…I will continue to make it earlier…… Continue reading Project 44: Day 8 T-shirts never lie!

Janathon 2020: Day 29 – 175kg new PB!

Guess what it is a new Paddington day!! It was a sled pull Paddington… no I didn’t pull Paddington on a sled. Which is a shame really, that would have been fun! I’d love to see the reaction I got if I turned up at the gym with a small bear in a duffel coat…… Continue reading Janathon 2020: Day 29 – 175kg new PB!

Harnessing my strengths…

Ok, enough of political posts for now (I can’t promise it will be for ever mind you) back to strongwoman training updates. It has all been going pretty well. It is safe to say I am now obsessed with strongman (and strongwoman although that is harder to find). I have been watching as much Worlds…… Continue reading Harnessing my strengths…