Project Competition Ready: Day14 &15

It’s the weekend, and you know what that means… It means lifting up heavy things in the shed gym and putting it down again 😀 Well, actually it doesn’t always mean that, but this weekend that is what it meant! Saturday was bench press day, for no reason other than I hadn’t done bench presses…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready: Day14 &15

Project competition ready: Day 5

Yesterday was Wednesday, and following in the grand tradition of Wednesdays that may have only existed in my head, I declared it cardio Wednesday. Ok cardio plus some yoga Wednesday. Well actually if you want to be strictly speaking, accurate about it, cardio, plus yoga and a walk Wednesday… I finally, for the first time…… Continue reading Project competition ready: Day 5

Project Competition Ready day 3

Some days I work from home, some days I work from that London. This is relevant I promise! On the days I work from home I get more sleep, and have more time in general for exercise so I fully intend to take advantage of that! I started taking advantage of that yesterday by taking…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready day 3

What next?

Well, after the excitement of the West Sussex Strongest, which was a month ago I had to decide what I want to do next. Yes it was a month ago, it took me that long to write it up because I seem to have developed a much busier life at the moment complete with a…… Continue reading What next?

West Sussex Strongest – I did it!!

The long awaited strong person competition finally arrived, and despite knowing I wasn’t as ready as I would have liked, and a huge amount of nerves and anxiety before hand… I went there (both days) and I did it! I LOVED IT!! Don’t get me wrong there was a teeny bit of me that was…… Continue reading West Sussex Strongest – I did it!!

West Sussex Strongest: Performance anxiety…

1 day to go! Action stations the competition is tomorrow…this is not a drill! Repeat this is not a drill!! I am still considering it 1 day… I am slightly panicking, of course. Panicking and trying to figure out the best thing to do today to fully prepare myself! Ok, I am not really panicking,…… Continue reading West Sussex Strongest: Performance anxiety…

15 days and counting…

On the 23rd October 2020 I wrote this post: 1 month to go… Now, here we are 9.5 months later and I have less than 1 month to go… 15 days to be exact… half a month… 2 weeks tomorrow! I am experiencing a strange mixture of panic and complacency! I am definitely not as…… Continue reading 15 days and counting…

Last phase of the plan…

This is the hard one… I need to get more sleep! No idea how I am going to manage it. I mean I do know, in theory, I just have to go to bed earlier but it never seems to turn out as easy as that! I am getting used to getting up at 5am…… Continue reading Last phase of the plan…

Project Energise: Days 28 & 29 – Its all about the running

Ok, you know by now that of course it is not all about the running. But running is important to this particular update. Partly because I did some and partly because 6 years ago on Monday I did a lot and I thought it was worth a mention. First off Monday, I went out for…… Continue reading Project Energise: Days 28 & 29 – Its all about the running

Project Energise: Day 16 – 21 this week in pictures

We all knew it would come to this 🙂 A round up post with lots of pictures, that is… I mean it happens every time I do a project like this because sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. Luckily for me, I have managed to stop it getting in the way of exercise…… Continue reading Project Energise: Day 16 – 21 this week in pictures