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Tag: strongwoman

I love this strong person thing!

I am probably going to have to settle on strongwoman at some point, but strong person seems to suit me better in my head… Or possibly strong bear…   Like […]

I still dance in the gym!

Remember last week when I told you all about my record breaking sled pull (my records, it still counts!)? Well, as is my habit, I posted the event to every […]

Janathon 2020: Update, days 14 to 22

Things have been happening… Walks have been walked, things have been lifted…and put down again, some dance has been done (no, not morris, ‘Cize by Shaun T)… What hasn’t been […]

Harnessing my strengths…

Ok, enough of political posts for now (I can’t promise it will be for ever mind you) back to strongwoman training updates. It has all been going pretty well. It […]

Even stronger woman…

Good morning people of the world! I would like to report two new paddingtons were achieved this morning! For the uninitiated, paddingtons in my world, in this particular context, relate […]

New Plan!! (I have to pull a truck!!)

So, I entered a Strongman(woman) competition! Yes, you heard (read) that correctly, I have entered a Strongman(woman) (strongwoman? strongperson?) competition!! A few weeks ago, I believe I mentioned that I […]