Janathon day 10 

So much for being sensible and resting my super tight quad… Shh! I know common sense not always my strong suit…  I did two workouts today… The first was my awesome Sunday Pilates class, amazing as always and acted as both a reset and a reminder of the muscles I worked in Friday which although…… Continue reading Janathon day 10 

Janathon day 3

Today is Sunday (you may know that already) and in keeping with a long standing tradition… …Sunday was Pilates day 🙂 And it was awesome! It was lovely to get back to routine and something that is so totally different to everything else I do 😀 lovely Sunday workout!   Janathon day 3 done 😀 

Day 219: Sunday reset…then its undoing…

It really was a weekend of doing good then undoing the good… Well, sort of, both of the things I did were good, they increased fitness and strength and all of those good things… But a pilates class, isn’t really meant to be followed up with a lifting heavy things and putting them down again…… Continue reading Day 219: Sunday reset…then its undoing…

Day 184: Make it up Sunday

Sunday is Pilates day… you know this, I have mentioned it before…probably every Sunday since blogging began (my blogging…on this blog anyway) However… Dues to some sort of upcoming celebration this week’s class was canceled *rolls eyes* So I decided to do my Pilates DVD…but it wouldn’t run on the DVD player…so I decided to run it…… Continue reading Day 184: Make it up Sunday