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Tag: tabata

Ice badger and the kettlebells of power!

ok…if I were a superhero and I had a kettlebell of power, I would certainly need super strength…it doesn’t actually sound like the most convenient power item. Until you realise that […]

Day 315 – 318 Another long weekend

These long weekends are getting to be a habit… I could quite get used to a four day working week and a three day weekend. For those of you who live anywhere […]

Day 314: If in doubt…Squat!

So what exercise do you do when you have the end of a cold and an arm injury that is rapidly healing? Well…tabata and squats of course…but I’ll come to […]

Day 312: Tabata Tuesday…

Woohoo 🙂 I get to use “Tabata Tuesday” as a title…the words sound so good together 😀 Mind you Tabata was the only good thing about Tuesday! Can I use the […]