The perils of morris dancing

The perils of morris dancing and not doing your physio exercises when told to… Or possibly the perils of dancing on uneven pavements… Ok, yes…I’ll get to the point… On Saturday Mythago danced out at Winchester Mayfest, I was dancing as a fully fixed non injured member of the side. I had my ankles taped…… Continue reading The perils of morris dancing

Reboot day 37: Awesome tuesday!

Not even just awesome for a Tuesday either! Awesome in its own right! It started bright and early with a PT session. Unusually for this time in the morning I was awake and enthusiastic… I guess 4.5 hours sleep fits my sleep cycle… Anyway, to add to the daft that I was awake and suchlike,…… Continue reading Reboot day 37: Awesome tuesday!

Day 141 & 142 Hilly running and a Pilates reset

Good afternoon 🙂 I am finally catching up with myself! It has been a little bit hectic recently, but I am now at last on the weekend write up. Starting with Saturday: Day 141: Saturday… This was the day I realised how flat the areas. I knew already of course, but Saturday was the day…… Continue reading Day 141 & 142 Hilly running and a Pilates reset