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Tag: thai boxing

Day 229: Wow! What a Wednesday!

It really was a very active Wednesday…and it would have been more active if it hadn’t been for the storms… It started with personal training at the ridiculously early hour […]

Day 207: apparently it is only me…

Apparently it is only me that gets to do (is persuaded to do?) the crazy gymnastics strength exercises in their PT sessions… Apparently I am the only one who agrees […]

Day 185: Monday Morning Madness

Who would have thought that I would be starting Monday morning with skipping… Well Matt I suppose…as it was his idea… Yep that’s right I thought personal training on a […]

Day 180: What a wednesday

Well what a Wednesday it was 😀 Wednesday morning has taken over from Tuesday evening as PT time, and it is much better because we get access to pretty much […]

Day 173: slightly wacky wednesday

wacky Wednesday started with an awesome PT session! I awoke early and decided that I felt better and was perfectly fit for whatever Matt could throw at me, and it […]