Day 355 – 356: Dancing and Drumming and Thor

Which is an awesome combination, with the exception of the Turkish get-ups which are still awful! (sorry this is a brief one…) but first Wednesday, Day 355 Wednesday was dancing day 🙂 I went and I danced and I played my new drum..after a fashion! I am not very good at drumming, I am easily…… Continue reading Day 355 – 356: Dancing and Drumming and Thor

Day 347 – 349: Midweek mayhem

Ok…I thought i had better do another smooshed together post Or I will be at the end of the challenge before I get around to telling you all! eeek…It is that close! 16 days left!! I can’t believe it! anyway… Day 347  Tuesday: Tuesday Started early… we reverted back to having PT on Tuesday rather…… Continue reading Day 347 – 349: Midweek mayhem