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Tag: training

Janathon day 4: done

And then there was walking… And more walking… 20km of walking to be exact 😀 Today was the first training walk for our 100km Grand Union Challenge which is happening […]

I did it!

I may have just ever so slightly passed my Level 3 Personal Training Assessment this weekend 😀 By ever so slightly I mean completely! So that is it, I can now […]

Fun and Functional…

Ok…I confess to being rubbish at getting this post out when I promised I would… annoyingly I started writing it, but then completely forgot to save the draft…I would love […]

Days 329 – 331: What a Weekend!

This weekend was one of fear and excitement and fun and being holed up in a basement learning things… But I’ll come to that! Firstly Friday Day 329: Friday was […]

Day 259: When GPS goes bad…

Or the reason why I have 6 apps tracking me when I go running… Yes…some say that is overkill Some others say I am obsessed with tracking.. actually it is […]