This week’s plan: Monday

Monday went pretty well… Mondays, typically are less active than other days of the week. Well that is true for me at least, I can’t speak for the rest of the world… I know the old whatsit about never missing a monday, and that mondays are for new starts, but that is not really true…… Continue reading This week’s plan: Monday

Getting back to business…

By business, I do of course mean the business of me exercising and whatnot in order to be as fit as I want to be… Fit enough to live my live. Fit enough to walk and run and climb and jump as much as I want to. Strong enough to lift anything I like and…… Continue reading Getting back to business…

The system works…

The juneathon focused amongst you may have noticed a suspicious lack of posts since last week… I can’t deny it I have been lax in my approach to blogging since last week, but not in my approach to exercise 😀 In my defence there has been a lot going on in my head since last…… Continue reading The system works…

Juneathon Day 5 and 6

Eeek I have been a bit lax in telling you about all the things that have been going on… So I am going to cop out a little and just show you pictures of the last two days activities. These have been: One gym session, one HIIT class, 3 walks, Transform 20 and 2 hours…… Continue reading Juneathon Day 5 and 6

Juneathon day 4: Gymming and jumping

As is fully traditional on a Tuesday morning, I had PT. It was a pretty good way to start a Tuesday, there were deadlifts involved and that is always good… He looks nice doesn’t he…don’t be fooled this is the man that made me do a set of 36 reps this morning (3 deadlifts 3…… Continue reading Juneathon day 4: Gymming and jumping

Juneathon day 3: improvement

Ok so apparently, despite my negativity and how awful I felt about myself the last day or so, I have still improved… I ran at lunchtime and week 2 of the c25k has longer intervals which I managed most of with very little calf pain! Before leaving town I went for a walk in the…… Continue reading Juneathon day 3: improvement

Transform 20

So Project Regain my Springiness, which is what I have decided to call the addition of running and jumping and such to my regime, is go! Yes, it does have to have a name, what sort of project would it be without a name!! So far as part of the project I have started, Shaun…… Continue reading Transform 20