Day 85: Tremendous tuesday!

I know!! A most unexpected reaction to a Tuesday isn’t it?!! Well, it was! Tremendous! I had PT in the morning which was HIIT (second time in 2 days…Matt must be psychic!) and intervals on a treadmill. Yes that’s right…I went on a treadmill and I didn’t die!! Then, in my lunchbreak I went for…… Continue reading Day 85: Tremendous tuesday!

Day 158: Why are there so many people?!

Specifically, why are there so many people at Broadbridge Heath Gym in the evening? (this is not a rant about over population) Ok…I know more people go to the gym on their way home from work, is it easier than going out again later…I know that, that’s why I was doing it! However, I was…… Continue reading Day 158: Why are there so many people?!