Found Poetry pt 1

I have discovered and rapidly become obessed with found poetry. If you aren’t aware of found poetry, it is using words and phrases you find in certain placecs to make a poem. This is how wikipedia describes it: “Found poetry is a type of poetry created by taking words, phrases, and sometimes whole passages from…… Continue reading Found Poetry pt 1

A new thing!!

I tried a new thing the other day!! It is an awesome new thing and I am going to do more of it 😀 Yeay! New thing!!! Ok…I’ll tell you what it is. Although I was super tempted just to leave the post at that and press publish 😀 ) This new thing is Geocaching!…… Continue reading A new thing!!

My Bouncy Adventure…

It occurs to me that over two months has passed by and I have not yet told you about my experiences in london with great big springs on my feet. yes, that is right..springs on my feet. This was an exercise class, which involved wearing springy boots and bouncing around…these boots to be exact: Slightly…… Continue reading My Bouncy Adventure…

Day 228: A lollipop Tuesday (probably)

For all of you who don’t know what a Lollipop Tuesday is, go here (the Jackie blog) and have a look…then read some more of her blog because it is excellent!! Once you have come back you will know that a lollipop Tuesday is one where you try something new and potentially out of your…… Continue reading Day 228: A lollipop Tuesday (probably)

Day 20: Challenging my inner cynic

Good evening  🙂 I know what some of you are thinking…challenging my inner cynic doesn’t sound like exercise. I know what some others of you are thinking too…inner cynic? is that the one hiding inside the great big outer cynic? and that challenging that would take more than 365 days. Well shh for now and…… Continue reading Day 20: Challenging my inner cynic