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Tag: walking

Walking and working out…

Walking and working out, to be honest, is what I am going to spend a lot of time doing over the next few months…I promise to break things up with […]

Having a go at relaxing a little

IĀ  decided that April would be for relaxing šŸ˜Š Well… My style of relaxing anyway… I did not give up doing lovely activities, IĀ  just did not go quite as […]

I did new things in March

I have been trying new things!! They are all awesome and I love them!! Do all the new things!! Ok…I feel I might need to get somewhat more specific than […]

February here we come…

Yes, I know…it is totally already February… but it is still pretty close to the start so it is all good šŸ™‚ After the loveliness that was January with janathon […]

Janathon day 28 (and 27, 26 and 25)

Ok…I haven’t forgotten all about this I promise!! I have been exercising and stuff but life got somewhat busy and I simultaneously I decided I needed to stop dashing about […]

Janathon day 23: indecisiveness…

I spent the whole morning today trying to decide hat tondo with the exercise for the day… dancing and yoga were set but I was trying to work out what […]

Janathon day 20: sunshine and yoga

Sunday seems to be following a pattern at the moment. An exercise pattern anyway… Today was no different! I got myself out mid afternoon for a walk on a part […]