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Tag: weight training

Project 44: day 17 Sam vs the viking press…

Once, long ago a valiant, sleepy warrior goddess challenged her greatest foe… Miraculously, despite her lack of sleep and general feeling of Friday morning… she won!! Ok I’ll stop taking […]

Project 44: day 5 pick and mix

Day 5, first time I have been to the gym 5 days in a row for a long time… šŸ˜ We (yes we, mark came along today šŸ˜) turned up […]

Janathon day 4: gym/walk/yoga

Today seemed to follow a very similar pattern to yesterday… I went to the gym in the morning with my friend Jeanette and did squat/pull up super sets (assisted pull […]

Juneathon day 7: Gym and walk

Today started in the gym… which is unusual for a Thursday… I met my friend Jeanette and we did squats, and sled pushes and kettlebell sumo squats and slams… it […]

2018- the first month…

Well.. you may have got the impression that I haven’t been *that* dedicated so far this year, well…this is in some ways true and in other ways not… I haven’t […]