Janathon day 7

Yoga True day 6 done before midnight!! Woohoo! I also walked around a it more than I did yesterday so that is good too!! It has been a relatively restful weekend…which is good once in a while 😊 Yoga is hard…even short seemingly simple things are hard… I wasn’t as calm as I should have…… Continue reading Janathon day 7

Janathon day 6…

Yesterday I decided to do yoga earlier… today I completely failed at that and did it at quarter past midnight again… Still I did it and that is what counts 😊😊 What’s more I even felt better doing it…I managed to press up from the floor to plank without having to go on my knees…… Continue reading Janathon day 6…

Janathon day 4

Yoga True, day 3 done 🙂 Other than that today was a rest day, Thursdays are hard work and work work was super annoying so yoga and nothing super jumpy-around-y was exactly what I needed! In the process I learned the following: Do not take a giant full of water in the middle of yoga……… Continue reading Janathon day 4

Janathon day 2

Well that was a shock to the system all round!! First day back at work, made even more shocking by an early morning PT session!! It was worth it though, the PT was awesome despite it being push day and me having to do Viking presses which are less exciting than they sound!! I also…… Continue reading Janathon day 2