Love it or hate it, I guess I am a runner…

The story of me and running, its a never ending cycle! I keep coming back to it, but I still don’t know if I like it! I definitely don’t hate it… OK I almost certainly don’t hate it…but I also don’t love it… I know this appears to be an extremely indecisive post so far,…… Continue reading Love it or hate it, I guess I am a runner…

Janathon 2020 – Day 5

I did running! Not a New Years resolution just that thing I do every couple of months when I realise I am better if I do a bit of cardio occasionally. I definitely don’t hate running anymore, but it was nice to just go for a run because I wanted to and because it’s good…… Continue reading Janathon 2020 – Day 5

The ongoing saga of running…

Well the saga of me running anyway. I am sure running itself doesn’t have any sagas, and if it does it is not really for me to say. Not even for me to speculate really. Consequently I am going to tell you the story of me and running. If you have been here a while…… Continue reading The ongoing saga of running…

Day 364: Runner?

Or possibly a jogging experiment… After a lengthy conversation with Nancy from “My Years of Sweat” about her dislike of running and the definition of running vs jogging and the relative paces of each, I decided to go for a run on Friday night, but felt slightly paranoid while I was doing it. Was I…… Continue reading Day 364: Runner?

Day 257: Willpower Wednesday

I hadn’t run at lunchtime on a work day all year…until Wednesday! I finally channeled my willpower enough to get off my bum and go for a run rather than a walk at lunchtime on Wednesday πŸ˜€ It was a pretty good run too πŸ˜€ I don’t have enough time during lunch to complete one…… Continue reading Day 257: Willpower Wednesday

Day 252: Bra shaped running

By Friday I finally felt like a human person again! I decided to celebrate this by running πŸ™‚ After work, I took myself off to the park and as I finish slightly earlier on Fridays, it was still light, at least at the beginning of the run, which made a slightly disconcerting change. Yes I…… Continue reading Day 252: Bra shaped running

Day 202: Colder than it said it was

Good morning πŸ™‚ I forced myself to go for a run last night. It was Thursday and as you know Thursdays are tricky, it was cold (apparently it was 5ΒΊC but it felt much colder…), and my day at work had been annoying. So I had to force myself to run. I promised myself that…… Continue reading Day 202: Colder than it said it was

Days 197 & 198: Running in the rain and return of the reset!

Good Morning πŸ™‚ That is a satisfyingly alliterative title, which makes me happy on a very soggy Monday morning!Β  Day 197: Saturday Saturday was the day of running in the rain… Ok…it wasn’t raining much, but it was still damp and cold and there was a lot of evidence lying around on the floor of…… Continue reading Days 197 & 198: Running in the rain and return of the reset!

Day 195: Dodging the rain

Happy 2014 πŸ™‚ did I say that yesterday, I think I did but the year is still all new so I am saying it again πŸ™‚ Did I mention I am not making resolutions because I feel compelled to keep them…once I wrote all my facebook status updates in Haiku (bad Haiku…) just because I…… Continue reading Day 195: Dodging the rain

Day 182: Friday running improvement

Following Thursday’s run failure, It was definitely a run day on Friday πŸ™‚ So after work, I high tailed it over to the gym, got changed and (headphones in place :-D) I set off for my run in the park. I am still running without the “aid” of an interval timer to tell me when…… Continue reading Day 182: Friday running improvement