365 days have passed since I rather rashly declared to the world that I would do some form of exercise or activity every day for the next year, and the time has come to reflect on everything that has happened during that process… ok…not everything…I am not going through the whole year day by day…that…… Continue reading Reflections…

Day 228: A lollipop Tuesday (probably)

For all of you who don’t know what a Lollipop Tuesday is, go here (the Jackie blog) and have a look…then read some more of her blog because it is excellent!! Once you have come back you will know that a lollipop Tuesday is one where you try something new and potentially out of your…… Continue reading Day 228: A lollipop Tuesday (probably)

Day 51: Zumba is to dance is what chewing a pencil is to being a beaver!

Good Morning 🙂 Final late posting of the weekends shenanigans! After a hectic weekend, I decided that in order for my exercise not to be half-hearted, I would go to a class…the only organised class at any of the gyms I am a member of (one membership consortium of 4 gyms…I am not that crazy)…… Continue reading Day 51: Zumba is to dance is what chewing a pencil is to being a beaver!

Day 41:The Zumba question

Good evening 🙂 The question in question is do I really like zumba or not? Thursdays are rapidly becoming “pick a random class out of a hat and try it” days…this has lead to Body balance (probably a mistake) and now Zumba. I, as I did with body balance, chose Zumba tonight at the Broadbridge…… Continue reading Day 41:The Zumba question